How to download free hdr map?

1.Go to 360° HDRI SKIES category which can be found at top menu and add to cart any HDR Sky you’d like to download. All HDR sky maps are free in 2048×1024 size.   Zrzut ekranu (160)   2.When you finish adding hdri to cart, click on shopping cart icon on top right. You will be moved to Cart Page where you will see your products list.  To process your order click on Checkout. cart 3. Checkout page. Please fill in the form  – required fields are marked with red asterisk. If you don’t make any payment you don’t need to input your real data, just make sure that your email address is correct. Please click Place Order button.   how-to-download_10 4. You download is ready ! Scroll down to order details and click on Download file: Zip to get your file !Download free hdri