About us

Surround your 3D scenes with our HDR Sky Maps and cast the natural light into your virtual world.

We are creators of high quality HDR Sky Maps for 3D graphics, arch-viz, motion graphics, VFX, computer games etc. available in free version 2k (no watermark on request) and paid full-resolution up to 20k. Having 10 years experience in panoramic photography matched with improved HDR technics, we have created one of the biggest service with wide range of hdri sky maps. Specialized on high quality content, we provide very high dynamic range panoramic environment maps for commercial and non commercial use.

Our main mission is to focus on products differentiated in terms of location and time and in the same time support young, talented artists by giving them access to free materials. The sole nature of our hdr skies is to keep great quality and preserve real-world light values, accurate in intesity and colour. Almost every week we try to shoot new photos and prepare interesting material to be published. Every year we search for new shots’s locations with great light and weather conditions.

They Trusted us: EA Electronic Arts, MPC Film, LucasFilm, Universal Pictures, Fox US Productions, Weta Digital, Audi AG, Activision, Square Enix, Pixomondo, Framestore, Technicolor, Beenox, Scanline VFX, The MILL, Screenpix, DICE SE, Epic Games, MrxFx,  IronGalaxyStudios, DreamworksAnimation, Bugbear, Borndigital Japan, Ubisoft, CG Channel, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Axis Studios, The Embassy VFX, Trixter, Platige Image etc. 

Supporting Your Great Visions with our Light is our purpose. Enjoy the Light!

ArtDome Foundation

Our development – oriented Art Foundation of HDRI SKIES created for the Young Generation – is our new field of activity that will facilate and further development of arts integrated education. Our main goal is to activate Youth and create artistic Special Spaces – Interactive ART DOMES.

Places where the talented children will have easy access to ART Places and possibility to explore different kind of artworks like: digital art, visuals, performance photography, 3D/2D art , audio-visuals etc. and achieve a chance to expand their natural potential in order to sustainably improve their own quality of life.

ArtDomes – Especially designed ART SPACES in different parts of the world, where kids will receive opportunity to discover and develop their hidden skills, build up their confidence and get inspired.



Agata Galewska

Owner of Hdri-skies.com and Texturify.com , ArtDome Foundation

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