About us

Surround your 3D scenes with our HDR sky maps and cast the natural light into your virtual world.

HDRI-SKIES is a growing service with high quality, full spherical hdr sky maps available in two versions. Free for commercial and non-commercial use in 2k resolution as an one option and full resolution up to 20k hdri skies with matching backplates in dng. and jpg. formats – as paid option.

As the fanatics of panoramic photography since year 2009, we have decided to connect this fantastic photographic passion with exciting CG imagery world. In 2011 we created two services with clear Royalty Free Commercial licensing policy: Texturify.com – service with free CG materials and Hdrmaps.com. In 2015 we have launched HDRI-SKIES – growing library with quality hdr sky maps for 3D graphics.

The main concept of our services is to focus on delivering very high quality different kind of: hdri maps, textures, panoramic images in one place for free and in reasonable price. Almost every week we try to shoot new photos and prepare interesting material to be published. 

The main guideline of Hdri-skies.com, is to support artists with free, diversified and very high dynamic range sky domes. The sole nature of our hdr skies is to keep great quality and preserve real-world light values, accurate in intesity and colour. Having the biggest resource with free panoramic skies – is our purpose. Enjoy!





Agata Galewska –  CEO / Photographer 

Founder of Hdri-skies.com and Texturify.com